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We want kids of all ages to have a great experience outdoors. Here are our tips for getting kids engaged with nature.

  • Ensure that all the basic needs are met- not too hot or cold, hungry or thirsty and that everyone has used a bathroom. 

  • Let kids explore! Don't rush them, let them find what they are curious about.

  • Don't call bugs gross- Kids watch the other people's reactions when they are confronting something unexpected, so be aware of your own responses. 

  • You don't have to travel to exotic locations. When you slow down and make observations, nearby Nature can be fascinated. Lifting a rock, watching birds in a tree, watching pollinators visit a small group of flowers, making up stories about a squirrel in the park can all be fun ways to enjoy Nature. 

  • Access resources that are comfortable to you and teach your kids to do the same. You might want to use field guides from the library to learn more about the birds in the trees outside. Your kids might want to watch Youtube videos about the mushrooms on the lawn at the park. You both might enjoy attending an insect workshop held at the local community center. Knowing isn't the end-point. Learning how to gather information is an important skill.  


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